University of Derby's True Multi Channel Mixing Facility


Welcome to the educational wiki documenting the features and technical info of the Signal Processing Application Research Group's True Multi-channel Mixing Facility.
T002_50percent.gifThis new facility at the University of Derby is a custom made software/hardware solution for the creation of True Multi-channel Surround Sound pieces. Features of this facility include:
  • The ability to create a surround sound mix that can be presented over headphones, or any number of speakers - this installation is essentially future proof.
  • Height information can also be en/decoded.
  • It uses tried and tested software for the Audio Engine implementation (Audiomulch) and the music sequencing aspects of the platform (Soundscape).
  • On top of this system sits a number of custom made VST Plug-ins that allow the user absolute freedom in the placement of audio around the 3D sphere.
  • Hardware interfaces are used in order to hide the complexities of the system from the user, resulting in a user-friendly, tactile mixing environment.

Wiki Resource

This wiki has been created in order to support students using the True Multi Channel Mixing Facility and is intended to be used at two levels:
  • As a user/operation manual for the working system. This mixing facility represents the 'state of the art' in terms of flexibility and is a bespoke platform created for students at the University of Derby. To this end, this wiki is an e-learning tool that will allow students to use the resource with minimal contact time.
  • As a case study documenting the technical issues involved in the commissioning of the system, the writing of the VST plug-ins, and integration of the hardware and software environment which is largely possible to the superb windows driver model used by Sydec in their Soundscape range of products.
As a wiki, this resource is able to be constantly and easily updated, and if students or staff discover a useful feature that they think needs documenting, or wish to correct errors in material already available, then they are free to do so using the tools available on this site (provided by wikispaces, although, initially, only staff and a small group of students will be allowed to do this). Due to the way in which wiki's function, all changes are saved, and can be discarded easily making the editing process 'undoable' by the Administrating users (UoD staff!).

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