"AudioMulch is an interactive musician's environment blending innovative and traditional sound synthesis and processing techniques with an intuitive user interface derived from what would most commonly be referred to as an analog approach to electronic music" [taken from the Audiomulch manual].


Audiomulch is an extremely powerful, modular audio environment. It has many built-in 'contraptions' such as audio inputs/outputs, granulators, mixers, flangers and can connect together various elements in an almost infinite viarety of configurations. However, it also hosts VST Plug-ins making Audiomulch the perfect VST host for our flexible true surround sound system.

Audiomulch allows for the easy configuration of external midi controllers (using its 'quick learn' function) for any parameter of the built in 'contraptions' or VST plug-ins and allows the automation of these parameters. This function, combined with Audiomulch's ability to generate or chase midi syncing information allows for complex effects and transistions to be added to audio pieces.

To be continued...