The WIGWARE AMBISONIC DECODER – (1st and 2nd order VST Versions) is downloadable from: SPARG - Dr. Bruce Wiggins


Each decoder offers a number of different Layout outputs:



To illustrate functionality of the decoder, a PC Laptop and a multi-channel audio interface, is used with a 5.1 monitor array configured on the channels:

1 LF Left Front (-30 degrees)
2 RF Right Front (30 degrees)
3 C Centre
4 LFE Sub
5 LS Left Surround (-110 degrees)
6 RS Right Surround (110 degrees)

There are a many computers and audio interfaces that could be used, but in this instance, the laptop is a DELL INSPIRON 6400 PC Laptop Computer (Windows XP-Professional) DELL Computers and the interface is an EDIROL UA-101 interface (24-Bit/192 kHz 10-in/10-out Hi-SPEED USB (USB 2.0)) Roland Products

inspn_6400.jpg UA101.jpg

The software used in the early illustrations to manage the decoder is Audiomulch (Interactive Music Studio).


The decoder has also been successfully used with Plogue Bidule The multi-track audio recorder software Reaper is also used in this illustration to route pre-recorded audio material into Audiomulch via Reaper's Rearoute facility.


Reaper can also be used alone to host the decoder, this will also be illustrated. In other applications Soundscape hardware and software has been used to fulfil both the roles of the audio interface and multi-track recorder software.

A b-format Ambisonic panner is also needed to complete the software requirements; two are used in the examples: the 2nd order Panorama by


and the 1st order B-pan by Dave Malham and Ambrose Field


In any setup, be sure to match the order of the encoder (panner) to the decoder! A 1st order encoder will not function correctly with a 2nd order decoder. You could, however, use the first four outputs from a 2nd order encoder with a 1st order decoder.

PART II - Audiomulch Connections